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Computer Technician

Computer Technician

Gal Backman is a Computer Technician based in Tel Aviv. He has driven his BLITZ scooter over 80,000km.

“BLITZ scooters were recommended to me by my father. He has had his BLITZ6000 for many years, and raves about the great driving experience and cost savings. So, after growing weary of my gasoline scooter’s endless repair and maintenance costs ,I decided to switch to an electrical BLITZ. Today I can’t even imagine going back to those old and loud gasoline scooters that made me smell like a gas station.

The BLITZ scooter is so easy to ride. For work I can reach all my client with no problems and all my equipment is in the trunk. I can ride at night without disturbing the neighbors, there’s no need to look for gas stations, and if I’m in a hurry I can reach up to 130km/h. Not to mention how easy it is to go backwards if a road is blocked and I need to double back. Lately, I’ve also become more conscious of my impact on the environment and so going electric feels even better!

And yes, all those benefits –helping to save the environment, a quiet ride and no smells– are great, but the cost savings are big. In the year I’ve been riding my BLITZ scooter, I’ve already saved over 1,800$ on gas, repairs and maintenance. I wish I’d made the change sooner.

Every time I stop at an intersection, people ask me about the scooter. I simply tell them that it is the best scooter in the world, and they should all pay a visit to BLITZ!”