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Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent

David Chen has been a BLITZ customer for the past 5 years and has rode over 66,000km with his scooter.

“As an environmental activist with over 40 years riding two-wheeled vehicles, I can honestly say that BLITZ has revolutionized my driving experience.

Five years ago a BLITZ 6000 rider pulled up next to me at a stop light. I was instantly hooked on it and after an exhilarating test drive, I decided to buy one for myself. I’ve been riding my BLITZ scooter ever since, regularly travelling between Netanya and Tel Aviv for work and pleasure.

You can’t even begin to compare a BLITZ scooter to a gasoline one – the difference is in everything! It’s an uncomplicated, smart and environmentally friendly drive, saves me money (thousands of dollars a year!) and there are zero malfunctions.

It was easy and simple to have a charging socket installed in my parking spot at home, and if there is any need I can also charge the battery at the office with no problems. I get a lot of attention from other riders when I’m on the road with my BLITZ scooter, especially when I’m driving backwards.”