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Interview with BLITZ CTO, Guy Cohen

Interview with BLITZ CTO, Guy Cohen

BLITZ has recently announced a new electric scooter model, the BLITZ3000X, that comes equipped with revolutionary exchangeable battery technology. The clean-tech company started manufacturing electric scooters with greater speed and range to help delivery drivers and individual riders get to their destination while bypassing city traffic and avoiding congestion. With this new technology, riders can, in essence, travel endlessly without having to stop and wait for batteries to charge. We sat down with the CTO of BLITZ, Guy Cohen, to find out more about the exchangeable batteries and how consumers will benefit from the electric revolution.

What made you originally switch from a combustible engine scooter to an electric one?
Sustainability. We live in a world that is in danger from climate change and I saw an opportunity to lower my carbon footprint. I am proud to drive a zero-emission vehicle, creating a better world for my children to grow up in. Everyone should partake in the green revolution, and BLITZ scooters are an attractive and effective alternative for daily transportation.within the green energy market.

Many consumers may want to go green but are deterred from buying an electric vehicle because the starting price is higher. But here at BLITZ, we have priced our scooters to be similar to that of a combustion engine scooter. After up-front costs, consumers actually spend less in the long run due to no gasoline cost and less necessary maintenance. A BLITZ scooter spends 40 cents per 100 km on charging costs. There are a lot fewer parts in an electric scooter, in general, so people spend a lot less money on maintenance. The scooter is silent and with zero emissions, it improves both air quality and eliminates noise pollution that comes from an internal combustion engine.

Tell us about the process of creating the exchangeable battery model. Why the need for this model and how does it help the driver?
We created the exchangeable battery model because we knew there was a need in the market to address range anxiety among riders. Range anxiety is anxiety on the part of the driver of an electric

vehicle that the battery will run out of power before the destination or a suitable charging point is reached. BLITZ already sells the inter-city electric scooter, the BLITZ6000X, which travels up to 120 km/h but we wanted to ensure riders are not worried that they will run out of battery power before reaching their destination. The exchangeable battery model essentially omits the issue of range anxiety because drivers can simply swap their emptyold battery for a new full one and get back on the road within 30 seconds. The batteries are also installed with a LED touch indication lights to track battery status. Each scooter can hold up to three batteries, each with 1500W of energy, and the driver can ride up to 120 km without stopping.

How can drivers charge the BLITZ 3000X vehicle at work? Do they need to install a whole new charging station?
The charging station is small and lightweight; it can be easily installed at home or at work and ridersdrivers can fully charge their batteries in less than two hours. It differs from the other models in

that you have the option to plug the battery, instead of the vehicle, into the charging stations. Each battery weighs 7kg so they are easy to carry and exchange and the station itself is small enough to set up at work or home. It’s a very convenient process. It only takes two hours for the batteries to charge from 0% to 100% in the charging stations so it is easy to do throughout the day at the office.

What is unique about BLITZ that sets it apart from other electric scooters on the market?
BLITZ is unique because we are the fastest electric scooter available on the market. Our fastest model, the BLITZ6000 reaches speeds overf 120 km/h which no other e-scooter company has accomplished before. Our scooters can also drive the greatest range within our price category, allowing buyers to ride the same distance without spending more on upfront costs. We also have an app that is directly connected to the motorcycle which the driver can use to customize speed, range, and route. By connecting the app to the vehicle, BLITZ offers a fully comprehensive package to clients that include product, software, and maintenance. We are with riders every step of the way.

BLITZ is planning to release the BLITZ3000X at the end of 2019, around the same time the company is opening branches in both Belgium and the Netherland