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Eyal Goldstein has been a BLITZ customer for the past 6 years and has driven over 50,000km with his scooter.

“I’ve been riding two-wheeled vehicles ever since I got my license. In the past, I had an electrical scooter with a range of only 40 km per charge and a maximum speed limit of 65km/h. I rode it for two years until I discovered BLITZ and a riding experience like no other.

I soon learned that BLITZ scooters are cleaner, faster and can go further without compromising the ride. When I then came across BLITZ’s helpful and service-oriented team I didn’t have a single doubt in my mind, and I decided to purchase my first BLITZ scooter – that was six years ago. In 2019 I traded my old scooter for the newest model and got an excellent deal, thanks to the BLITZ garage team.

I own 2 cars and a caravan, but I choose to use my scooter every day to get to work and for leisure. I enjoy every moment of the ride as well as the money I save on insurance, license and maintenance costs.”